IT Confidence 2015 Fees & Registration procedure

Registrations are yet open and will be accepted till the capacity of the conference room for security issues.

‘One-Day’ 61 EUR (50EUR + VAT 22%)

ISBSG/GUFPI-ISMA members: simply send an email to the Conference Secretariat (
‘One-Day’: send an email to, annexing a copy of your wire tranfer document
o Causal: “IT Confidence 2015 (First name – Family Name – Organization)”.
o Wire Transfer data:
GUFPI-ISMA – Gruppo Utenti Function Point Italia – ISMA
Bank: Banca Banca Prossima Milano
IBAN: IT 69 E 03359 01600 100000008039

Conversion Rate
Please check the conversion rate on Currency Converter service.

Authors are not entitled to pay the registration fee.

Registration Request
Send an e-mail to the Conference Secretariat ( and then you will receive the payment information.

Cancellation policy
In the case of cancellation by the attendee, of for any reason out of our control (e.g., instructor no-show), the event organizers will reimburse you the full amount paid, there being no other compensation beyond that.
Registering for these events implies you fully agree with these conditions.

For any further information, please write us at:


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